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"As 41st Ward Committeeperson I will unite the Northwest side of Chicago and work with our elected officials. I have no interests in running for a higher office and will not abuse the Committeeperson position as a stepping stone. The 41st Ward ranks among the highest in voter turnout yet we have little to no influence among Cook County Democrats. This needs to change. I will work with my Democrat colleagues to ensure the 41st Ward has a strong voice in all decisions made. I will work diligently to register new voters and increase voter turnout in every election. I will ensure our polling places are easily accessible and conveniently located. I will bring qualified candidates for our community to meet and support.
I've lived in the 41st Ward for over 20 years and I will always put our community and residents above all else."



Bill Kilroy has been a resident of the 41st Ward for over 20 years. Bill and his wife Avila live in Norwood Park where they are raising their three children. Bill graduated from Western Illinois University in 1981 and John Marshall Law School in 1984. He joined the Chicago Police Department in 1988, was promoted to Sergeant in 1998 and Lieutenant in 2006. Bill retired from the Chicago Police Department in 2019. Bill currently serves as Chief Legal Counsel at Claim Services Inc.



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